MJ Cervical Collar
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MJ Cervical Collar

Product ID: LS1107
The MJ Cervical Collar is indicated for all types of cervical injuries

1) Phenotype-driven sizing system make size ion simple while drastically reducing
     margin of error in fitting a patient
2) Each collar has a bioengineered front with a specific back designed to work together
     for superior immobilization
3) Sorbatex? pads were specifically engineered to be antidecubitus, protecting skin
     integrity during extended wear
4) Adjustment options such as Angulation Buttons, a removable Sternal Pad and an
     optional Assist Strap allow for the greatest amount of flexibility and comfort in a
     collar without sacrificing immobilization
5) All Miami J Collars and accessories are latex-free and compatible with all imaging modalities
6) Based on clinical studies and well-researched documentation, leading trauma centers across the
     country agree that the Miami J’s revolutionary design provides the best in patient immobilization, 
     comfort and rehabilitation
7) The Miami J product system includes the Miami JTO? Thoracic Extension to treat cervical 
     and high-thoracic injuries and Occian? Back, which replaces the back piece of the
     Miami J for those patients who are at highest risk for occipital breakdown
8) Clinically tested to provide superior immobilization
9) Sorbatex padding for skin protection
10) Air vents for patient comfort
11) Latex-free
12) Compatible with all imaging modalities
13) Six sizes based on body type

Indications for Use:
 Stabilize neck
 Support neck sprain
 Decrease anti-inflammatory medications
 Decrease pain symptoms
 Improve neck function
 Improve quality of life