Pull Lumbar Brace
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Pull Lumbar Brace

Product ID: LS5109
With one of the lowest profile designs of all Horizon products, the Lumbar brace provides  excellent support and stability.

1)Breathable mesh spacer fabric for increased comfort and stability
2)Tri-band technology system and integrated vertical stays provide stability and maintain structural  integrity for effective compression and flexibilty
3)An anterior panel on each end of the brace guarantees effective line support. FlexTabTM design  disperses pressure and naturally conforms to patient anatomy for increased comfort
4)Easy to fit and adjust sizes. Use indicator references to quickly match up to waist measurements or  pant sizes
5) Easy to locate and comfortable pull tabs. Bonded and stitched material increases strength and  durability

Indications for Use:
  Low back pain/strain
  Lumbar disc injury
  Post operative discectomy/fusion
  Disc herniation and degeneration
  IDET procedures