Squared Offload Healing Shoe
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Squared Offload Healing Shoe

Product ID: LS3202
It is ideal for Diabetic Forefoot Ulcers & Neuropathic Ulcers. 
It removes pressure from the forefoot and keeps weight behind the MP joints to allow ulcerations under metatarsal heads and toes to heal faster. Indicated for injuries and post surgical forefoot conditions and reduces convalescent time.

  1) Reduced 10% angle to minimize leg strain
  2) Removable insole
  3) Square toe design to accommodate the presence of K wires
  4) Compatible with the Hex plantar foot offloading insole
  5) Fits left or right.

Indications for Use:
  Increase activity
  Reduce forefoot pressure
  Decrease anti-inflammatory medications
  Decrease pain symptoms