Wrist Support Splint with Loop
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Wrist Support Splint with Loop

Product ID: LS8101
It is constructed of soft, comfortable orthopedic felt laminated to brush nylon exterior. A custom functional fit for each patient. It provides wrist restraint without limiting finger function. Dorsal range of motion can be controlled by changing the position of the dorsal stay pad.

  1) The brace fits below the palmar crease and allows full finger function
  2) Anatomically contoured aluminum palmal stay
  3) Adjustable pull and lacing system handles a wide range of wrist sizes
  4) Anatomically contoured palmar stay is malleable for customization and removable for "step-down" rehabilitation
  5) Dorsal stay pod can be moved proximal or distal for desired level of dorsiflexion restriction

Indications for Use:
 Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
 Wrist sprains & strains
 Wrist fractures, Post-Cast
 Night splinting