Air CAM Walker
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Air CAM Walker

Product ID: LS7107
The Air CAM Walker is designed for the treatment of stable fractures and ankle spains. It is used for early rehabilitation of a variety of post surgical and post trauma indications requiring fixed control.

  1) Deluxe foam liner and integrated pump designed for greater patient comfort.
  2) Rocker bottom and low profile hell facilitates a more natural gait pattern.
  3) Easy-to-secure hook & loop straps.
  4) Fits left and right feet.
  5) Lightweight design includes metal reinforced uprights for greater strength.
  6) Cushsioned heel for greater energy absorption.
  7) Inflatable foam liner can be adjusted for better support and comfort while reducing swelling. 

Indications for Use:
  Post operative ankle stabilisation
  Stress fractures
  Stable ankle fractures
  Ankle fracture
  Soft tissue and ligament injuries