ROM CAM Ankle walker
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ROM CAM Ankle walker

Product ID: LS7116
The ROM CAM Walker conforms to the leg and immobilizes athe ankle with adjustable range of motion control.

  1) Range of motion joint has 0-60 degrees in dorsiflexion and 70 degrees in plantar flexion, adjustments in 10 degree increments
  2) Rocker bottom and low profile design eliminates difference between walker and normal shoe without altering gait
  3) Easy-to-secure hook & loop straps.
  4) Padded soft foam keeps lower leg comfortable
  5) Cushioned heel for greater energy absorption.

Indications for Use:
   Early rehabilitation of variety of post surgical and post trauma indications requiring fixed angle control
   Achilles tendonitis
   Tibial fracture
   Ankle fracture
   Stress fractures