Stirrup Ankle Brace with inflatable pads
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Stirrup Ankle Brace with inflatable pads

Product ID: LS7105
It is indicated for acute and onic ankle sprains.

  1) Designed to help support and protect unstable or injured ankles
  2) Re-engineered shell is lighter in weight but stronger
  3) Conforms to the ankle with minimal bulk in the shoe
  4) Anatomically contoured universal shell fits either left or right ankle
  5) Adjustable heel pad, vertical side straps and swivel straps provide easy application and proper fit
  6) Closed cell foam on the shell provides additional cushioning
  7) Perfect for onic ankle instabilities
  8) Regular Stirrup indicated when additional support and stability is necessary
Indications for Use:
 Increase compression of the ankle
 Reduce swelling
 Decrease anti-inflammatory medications
 Decrease pain symptoms
 Improve circulation
 Improve rehabilitation