Airsport Ankle Support
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Airsport Ankle Support

Product ID: LS7121
AirSport Ankle Brace combines proven Air-Stirrup features with the unique "step-in" design and automatic heel adjustment for easy application.

1)Designed for the athlete or onic sufferer of ankle sprains
2)Contains foam-filled air cell cushions
3)Contains semi-rigid encased shells that offer proven Air-Stirrup support
4)An all purpose air stirrup for every sport
5)Anatomically contoured shells conform closely to ankle with minimal bulk in shoe
6)Comfort and security encourage early return to function-protected
7)Integral forefoot and shin wraps for support
8)ATF cross-strap for ankle stabilization
9)Coated fabric for durability
10)Combines proven Air-Stirrup features
11)Unique "step-in" design and automatic heel adjustment

Indications for Use:
  onic Ankle Instability
  Acute or onic Ankle Injury
  Preventative Ankle Support
  Ankle Strains/Sprains