3 panels Knee Immobilizer
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3 panels Knee Immobilizer

Product ID: LS6103
Provide effective knee immobilization following injury, surgery or cast removal. Include 4 aluminum stays.

  1) Versatile 3 panel design
  2) Made from high quality foam laminate with toweling lining fully bound edges for durability
  3) Hook closure allows easy positioning of the detachable side panels allowing any size of leg to be accommodated
  4) T bar aluminum stays may be contoured for custom fit and all 4 aluminum stays fully removable for easy customization and to aid laundering
  5) Available in 9 size (12”,14”,16”,18”,20”,22”,24”,26”,28”)

Indications for Use:
 Patella dislocations
 Ligament injuries
 Pre operative pain conditions