Force Patella Stabilizer
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Force Patella Stabilizer

Product ID: LS6122
It is indicated for symptomatic relief of patellalgia, Jumper s Knee, Osgood-Schlatter s disease, Runner s Knee (chondromalacia patella) and Infrapatellar Tendonitis

1)Constructed of heavy-duty, stretchable, fabric-covered neoprene
2)Provides support and warmth to the knee
3)Helps to alleviate patellar pain while still allowing the user full mobility
4)Supra and infra patellar straps allow for static stabilization of the patella
5)Two adjustable straps on the device with hook and loop fasteners
6)Makes it possible to adjust the wrap for additional kneecap support

Indications for Use:
  Reduce patella tendonitis
  Decrease anti-inflammatory medications
  Decrease pain symptoms
  Improve range of motion
  Improve activity